HY-58B (stainless steel air chamber)

New Model: High pressure spray washing machine (ceramic plunger, no need of grease)

Application: Pesticide spraying: powerful cleaning (car wash & cleaning)

  1. High pressure of water output

  2. Fast speed of suction

  3. Time-saving

  4. Enhance efficiency

Intro of features

  1. Special design of the ceramic plunger with moving valve assembly inside. Direct water flow to cool the plunger and through the special design of the ceramic plunger.  Strong suction; no need of grease lubrication decreases the wear and tear of plunger and the rise of machine temperatures.

  2. Work pressure: 10-70kgs. Water amount per RPM: 24-35L/min. RPM: 600-1000rpm.

  3. No delay in operation with this machine.  The pressure for operation can be reached immediately.

  4. Under normal operation, with the advantage of ceramic plunger and no need of grease, the time for maintenance can be less and the failure rate will be reduced.

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